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Ventura Harbor Marine Fuel, Inc.

1551 Spinnaker Drive Ventura, CA 93001


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About Ventura Harbor Marine Fuel, Inc.

Ventura Harbor Marine Fuel is a modern service oriented fueling facility located between San Francisco & San Diego. We sell pre-filtered low sulfur diesel from fast dispensing pumps. Our dockside fuel service is available to vessels up to 120', with pier side fuel service to 170'. Our modern oil change pump-out service is fast & can be accomplished right at the dock while you fuel up. Lubrication products & marine supplies are available from our dockside store, We can also order special products by request. We accept major credit cards.

About Luber-Finer - div of Champion Laboratories

Luber-finer provides premium filtration solutions for fleets operating vehicles on-highway as well as for off-road applications such as heavy construction, mining, agriculture, the oil and gas industry, and marine.

Luber-finer has combined engineering and manufacturing prowess with superior customer service to become one of the world’s most trusted filter brands. Luber-finer has earned a reputation for offering quality filtration solutions for all automotive, on-highway trucking, and off-road trucks/vehicles, marine, mining, construction, agricultural and oil & gas industry applications.

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