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Boat Yard San Diego

676 Moss Street, Lot A Chula Vista, CA 91911


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About Boat Yard San Diego

We are a Full Service inland boat yard, or do it yourself or storage yard. Near the San Diego harbor and Chula Vista marina launch ramp but not right on water. Our trucks or your trailer bring you here. We only work dockside on projects we have built or did a major refit for. The tooling we have here at our fingertips helps us do a better job than your OEM did. To do dockside at this volume and level of detail is not possible and definitely not environmentally friendly. We have a 7 day a week, 24 hr a day marine industrial setting. 

40 ton Crane
6 -XL engine rebuild bays- Man- Cummins- MTU- Mercury- professional high horsepower engine rebuilder/machine shop
1- Paint shop AWL Grip and Proline professional applicator 
1- carpenter shop, including hardwood large scale ripping
1- welding shop
1- electronic bench repair (limited to items with a retail value of $4000 and up) 
1- large secure gold locker for delivery and storage of high end new boat parts (camera. motion sensor and 24 hr human and dog security)
20- small boat storage spots- 2019 rate- 9.50/ft/month 
3- 75ft yacht building bays
2- top secret document storage, navy document tracing system
4- Do it yourself daily rental spots 7 days min. at 2019 rate 1.75/ft/day

About MTU

MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines & complete propulsion systems. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Tognum. Its product range is the widest & most modern in the sector. It covers diesel engines as well as complete propulsion systems for ships, for heavy agricultural, rail & military vehicles, and for the oil & gas industry.


Frank R.
Paint and Engines
Reviewed by Frank R. in SAN DIEGO, CA on 07/26/2019

Good work Greg and Crew. It took forever but my 1200 hp engines your rebuilt are running perfect and new paint is flawless. Your quotes and work beat your competion. Thanks Greg
Response: After 42 years building for offshore, we know what doing it right means. Thanks for your patience. You treated us well and respectful and we worked hard, so you could be happy for a long time. Call 24/7 for support. 7/30/2019

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