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Pacific Fire and Marine

6285 E. Spring St., Ste 577 Long Beach, CA 90808


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About Pacific Fire and Marine

Marine Fire Suppression Systems are important in putting out a fire aboard your boat. Properly designed fire systems by a certified professional fire suppression expert will ensure your safety on the water. Our specialty is the marine industry and we know how to protect your vessel. We offer a wide variety of brands from Fire boy, Sea Fire, Amerex, Kidde, BSCO and many other top name brands in the industry. Whether you are trying to install the right fire suppression in the engine room or a specialty fire suppression system in the generator or an electrical room, we have the expertise to get the right fire equipment in place.

About Sea-Fire Marine

Manufacturer of Fire extinguishers and Fire extinguishing systems for Marine Pleasure and Commercial and for Defense Fire Extinguishers.

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