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Seatech Marine Products

2608 Shelter Island Dr. San Diego, CA 92106


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About Seatech Marine Products

At SEATECH MARINE PRODUCTS, our goal is to provide you with all of the equipment you need for your boat at very competitive prices while maintaining a high level of customer service & offering fast delivery to your home or office. We believe that providing knowledgeable customer service is an essential part of selling boating supplies. We support our customers with a toll free, national customer service number for technical service & orders. Our technical service staff has the technical resources & expertise to answer just about any marine question.

About Side-Power

With many boat customers now having had several boats with thrusters, many choose to upgrade to more powerful versions to be sure that the thrusters work well for them in all situations. However, very powerful single speed thrusters can, in light weather conditions, be a bit difficult to use as they push the boat too fast. The solution is to fit the new Side-Power DC Power Controller which enables proportional speed control of a DC electric thruster. By also controlling the thruster's power, you get even more precise handling of the boat in all conditions.


Joan B.
Great Steering Systems, Controls & Thrusters
Reviewed by Joan B. in San Diego, CA on 03/04/2013

Seatech is a one stop shop for all of my boats needs. I even got a great new watermaker. I was really happy with the way this big project turned out thanks to Craig & the guys

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