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Schooner Creek Boat Works

3255 N. Hayden Island Dr. Portland, OR 97217


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About Schooner Creek Boat Works

Schooner Creek Boat Works was established in 1977 by Steve Rander.
Shauna and Kevin Flanigan purchased the company from the Randers in 2015.
They Have Added a Government and Commercial division to the company servicing government vessels and building commercial catamarans for charter.
What began as a small boat building and repair operation with a few dedicated craftsmen is today one of the largest and most advanced boat repair, maintenance and new construction yards in the United States.

Today, the facility at Schooner Creek houses a full-service boatyard and boat building operation, including a metal fabrication shop, wood shop, full rigging loft, travel lift capacity up to 70 tons, an indoor paint booth, a dry dock, and enough space to construct, service and store dozens of vessels indoor and out.

Schooner Creek has also invested in the StormwateRx water reclamation system to ensure that all rainwater washoff is treated to remove any contaminants before it is returned to the environment.

About Steyr Motors

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