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Nautical Air Conditioning

PO Box 256 Englishtown, NJ 07720


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About Nautical Air Conditioning

Dometic, Crusair, & Marine Air air conditioning systems are available for any size boat or RV coach all over the world. Dometic is a leader in manufacturing marine AC & climate control systems, from self contained, remote & chilled water & reverse cycle heat systems. Marine Refrigerators operate under tough conditions: they must withstand violent movement, operate noiselessly, be thoroughly reliable - and perhaps most important of all - consume an absolute minimum of battery power.

About Tundra Marine Refrigeration by Dometic

Tundra manufacturers conventional, special, & portable refrigerators & freezers for recreational & transportation industries, marine, truck & RV. Dometic refrigerators & freezers have won an unparalleled reputation for long-lasting performance in the demanding marine environment. That's why Dometic products are specified as standard factory equipment by leading U.S. boatbuilders & sold through quality dealers nationwide.


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