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Island Marine Fuel

406 South Bay Front Balboa Island, CA 92662


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About Island Marine Fuel

Island Marine is a family owned fuel dock in Newport Harbor. 100% full service from dock lines to big fenders to protect your boat. Our 120-foot dock makes docking easy. Friendly, knowledgeable staff!

About Valvtect Petroleum Products

ValvTect Petroleum Products is the nation's leading supplier of fuel additives to fuel marketers, truck stops, fleets, railroads and to the marine industry. ValvTect manufactures and markets gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil additives that are formulated to improve fuel quality, improve engine performance, and extend engine life.
ValvTect products are marketed by fuel marketers nationwide that service the fleet, agriculture, off-highway, home heat, and marine markets. Fuel marketers who become certified under our Certified Marketing Programs can market premium fuels specially formulated with ValvTect Products under our Diesel Guard, AgriGuard, ThermoGuard, and ValvTect Marine Fuel brands.


Rich D.
Good Diesel is Worth It!
Reviewed by Rich D. in Newport Beach, CA on 02/21/2012

I agree with the above poster. Coming back from the ensenada race a couple years back, I didn't fill up in Mexico (bunker fuel) and pushed it back to newport. I ran low on fuel off Dana Pt. and sailed to weather to get to Island Marine Fuel. Great people there and the best fuel in Southern California.

Newport N.
Newport Harbor's Finest Fuel Dock
Reviewed by Newport N. in Newport Beach, CA on 02/21/2012

Island Marine Fuel on Balboa Island is truly a class act. Docking is a cinch because they've got a huge dock, big fenders, and dock hands who will keep you from looking like a fool while docking. They also have a store on site for beer, soda, snacks, etc., and their bathrooms are clean. It's a family owned and run fuel dock and the owners are well entrenched in Newport Harbor's community. They care about boating and they care about Newport Harbor. They also pump Valvtect Gas and Diesel which is the premier marine grade fuel. Give them your business if your boat's in Newport or if you're crusing the Southern California coast and need a fill up.


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