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Powerstride Battery

3450 Kurtz Street

San Diego, CA 92110


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Year Established 1926

Batteries For All Applications

About Powerstride Battery

Powerstride Battery is a global distributor of battery and battery-related products for the automotive, commercial, industrial, golf, RV, marine, telecommunications, and high technology markets.

We strive to offer you the largest selection of batteries available on the internet for any battery application.

Since 1926, Powerstride Battery has demonstrated our ability to deliver quality products at competitive prices, all backed by exceptional customer service. And we remain committed to our customers by providing the best possible online shopping experience offering you the highest quality products at terrific prices.

Your business is important to us and we will always do what is right to resolve any problems, treat you fairly, and do everything in our power to earn your trust and future business.

For over 80 years, “Service for the distance” is not merely a slogan at Powerstride Battery, but a promise of service, quality, and excellence.

Powerstride Battery is your one-stop source for all your battery and battery accessory needs.

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Powerstride Battery sells only the best marine batteries on the market today.
Whether you choose the ruggedly designed Powerstride battery or a premium name like Lifeline, Odyssey or Optima, you can rest assured, you have the best marine battery money can buy. We offer the finest marine batteries on the market, including deep cycle. We also offer RV batteries, golf cart, automobile, motorcycle & wheelchair batteries. If it needs a battery we can provide you with the best. We carry Lifeline, Optima, Odyssey, & Powerstride brands. Powerstride Battery Sales, service & installations of batteries. Each battery comes with a full factory warranty & free ground shipping with your order.


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