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Hook & Loop Fastener Specialists For Over 50 Years
Aplix, Inc.

12300 Steele Creek Rd., Box 7505

Charlotte, NC 28241


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About Aplix

Assembling, fixing, joining: These are the functions of APLIX self-gripping marine fasteners, fascinating marine and boating products created in the 1950's. APLIX has many self-gripping marine fastener innovations over the past 50 years. APLIX Successes: Over one billion meters are produced every year and thousands of our marine and boating products have been developed to meet customers' specific requirements in several hundred marine and boating applications. APLIX's success is based on the inventiveness of our clients, the ingenuity of our research team, our marine and boating manufacturing expertise, the experience of our sales force and the support of our suppliers. Improvement of APLIX hook and loop fastener performance together with competitive costs have driven tremendous growth in customer applications. As a result, APLIX marine and boating sales have quadrupled during the past 10 years.


Marine and Boating applications: For more than 50 years, APLIX has developed and produced fastening systems for large industrial markets such as: marine and boating (cabins interiors accessories). Aplix offers a complete range of very high quality fabric and plastic fastening systems for marine and boating.


An idea which has caught on: More than 50 years' experience in the marine and boating manufacture of hook and loop fasteners have enabled APLIX to develop a full range of very high quality marine and boating products able to respond to numerous application criteria (hooking, longevity, strength, standards, etc.). What is a self-gripping fastener? The self-gripping fastener is made up of two parts: A gripping part made up of elements shaped like hooks, mushrooms or harpoons. Various technologies are used in their manufacture weaving, extrusion or injection moulding. An opposing part made up of loops. Various technologies are used in their manufacture weaving, knitting or non-woven. Closure is obtained by pressing the two parts together: the gripping part penetrates the loop. On opening, the hooks open and release the loop.

Outstanding value. Customer service is unparalled and product performs flawlessly. Lloyd G.


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