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Bartell Hotels

4875 North Harbor Drive, 5th Floor

San Diego, CA 92106


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About Bartell Hotels

Since 1967 Bartell Hotels has committed to delivering outstanding customer service and first-rate accommodations. Each of our properties offers guests an experience designed to complement a variety of travel scenarios - among them, business trips, family vacations and getaways with friends. The Bartell objective is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction by consistently demonstrating the highest levels of responsiveness and professionalism.

Receive Exceptional Treatment

Bartell Hotels is a family business founded and headquartered in San Diego, California. President and CEO Richard Bartell joined the company in 1980 alongside his father and founder, Lee, who transitioned the family to the lodging arena after a long and successful tenure as a nationally known radio station owner. The lessons from that industry - paying attention to detail, recognizing consumer tastes and prioritizing their interests - were applied as the company developed new properties and associated with several leading hospitality brands.

Today, Bartell Hotels remains one of San Diego's largest independent hotel owners and operators with a sharp focus on customers and community. This diverse collection of properties reflects Southern California's natural beauty and evokes its active lifestyle. They combine classic and modern design featuring seven restaurants, three marinas and the popular Humphreys Concerts by the Bay entertainment venue.

Bartell Culture

The Bartell Hotels culture is team-driven and customer-connected. Our thoughts and interactions are informed by healthy respect for one another and by our ultimate responsibility to please every guest. Collectively, we work and thrive in attractive, lively and distinctive environments that inspire us to pursue the Bartell Hotels Mission Statement:
Through teamwork, respect and harmony in the workplace, we will attain the highest degree of satisfaction for our guests by focusing on their individual needs and doing everything in our power to exceed their expectations.

The management and staff at Bartell Hotels are "people persons" dedicated to the highest levels of service. The extent of this passion for customer satisfaction contributes greatly to our 45-plus years of business success. It also accounts for our being recognized with lodging and dining awards from travel services and lifestyle tastemakers such as, and Wine Spectator magazine.

The attentive and responsive way we treat guests is deeply woven into the fabric of each property. In fact, it has been highlighted in the media, notably in the popular business book The Brand Promise. Author Duane Knapp writes: "Bartell Hotels makes a promise to each of their guests across their owned and franchised hotels. They promise to welcome each guest with the best home away from home experience. It's the kind of commitment that distinguishes their experience from so many other choices by focusing on how they want their guests to feel."


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