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Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Limited

NO.29, Houshantou Road, Shenqing Industrial Area, Guankou Town, Jimei District

Xiamen, 361023 China


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Categories: Locks & Locksmiths

About MAKE Locks

MAKE Locks,a professional lock manufacturer with highest security systems & technology. From the establishment of the company to the present, we have been researched and developed a series of lock product lines, ranging from cam locks, vending machine locks, coin locks, cabinet locks, lock cylinder to heavy duty pad locks, computer/laptop locks, hinges and hardware items. MAKE lock introduces sophisticated equipment like Life Span Tester, Rockwell Meter, Salt Spray Tester, Torsion Tester to make sure high-quality lock products are available from MAKE Locks manufacturer. We attach great importance to the service quality to provide the clients within domestic and foreign countries with the efficient consulting service and guaranteed after-sale service. Don't hesitate, please contact us.

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