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Durable & Reliable For Even The Toughest Hauls
Lugger By Northern Lights

4420 14th Ave. NW

Seattle, WA 98107


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Recreational & Commercial Marine Engines

Categories: Engines-Diesel

About Lugger

Northern Lights builds anvil-tough Lugger marine diesels from 40 to 525hp. Originally designed for the uninterrupted operation necessary on commercial vessels, Lugger engines are recognized worldwide for performance, fuel efficiency, rugged reliability, & long-life dependability.

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Lugger's design philosophy has been it's strength from the beginning. Fresh & raw water pumps are gear-driven to eliminate belts. Most hoses & leak points have been engineered away. Most service points are grouped on one side to be easily accessible. And the jacket-water cooled turbocharger has been low & at the rear of the engine for ease of installation & service. Luggers are equipped with a comprehensive list of features to increase performance & keep your operating & maintenance costs low. From trawlers to tugs; passenger vessels to megayachts; Luggers are the clean, efficient & reliable power producing service


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