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Mariners General Insurance Group

417 12th St. West, Ste 106

Bradenton, FL 34205


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Year Established 1959

Exclusive Mariners Odyssey® Program

Categories: Insurance

About Mariners General Insurance Group

With over 50 years experience insuring boat owners worldwide, from 3 offices in California and 1 in Florida, it is safe to say that we know marine insurance.

Our success is built upon commitment to provide not only the best marine insurance but the right insurance for your yacht or boat. Mariners®General Insurance Group is supported by knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Mariners General Insurance Group specializes in Marine Insurance and other related boating categories.


Mariners General Insurance Group can be reached at 866-854-1798 in Bradenton, FL to cater to your boating related needs.


Yasmine H.

World Class Marine Insurance
Reviewed by Yasmine H. in Palm Beach, FL on 08/01/2012

I have to recommend Mariners General Insurance as they are truly a class outfit when it comes to all aspects of Boat and Yacht Insurance. They insure it all and their coverage can be customized to suit your needs, as they change. If you have a boat that's special, or if your cruising habits are special, you should use an insurance firm that understands this. Mariners General is nationwide with multiple offices, including Bradenton Florida. A real pleasure to deal with.


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