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Quantum Sails SoCal

1620 Cowles Street

Long Beach, CA 90813


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Quantum Sails iQ Technology

As one of Quantum Sails' newest lofts in Southern California, we bring our passion for sailing and sailmaking to the highest level. Quantum's mission is simple: to help our customers enjoy sailing to the fullest. Our investment into iQ technology is driven by our ambition to create a better sailing experience and to serve sailors on all levels. And it's not just about great sails... Quantum Sails So Cal endeavors to be your sailing consultant. There's no ego here, we want what you want. We'll match you with the best set of sails to match your needs. We sell, service and repair to keep you on the water.

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Quantum Cruising Sails

Quantum builds the very best sails possible with every detail of the design and construction process executed to the highest standard. We ensure quality and consistency in every aspect of sail assembly so you can be assured of unparalleled sail performance, satisfaction and pride of ownership. Ultimately, we provide the cruising sailor something no other sail maker does: the same level of attention, technology, engineering expertise, and service, which most sail makers provide only to their racing clients.

Quantum Racing Sails

Quantum Racing Sails have no equals. They are produced using the most technically advanced design, lamination and shaping methods in the industry. This proprietary process, called iQ Technology, is the basis for the design and development of every racing sail we make, from dinghies to maxiboats. Created by one of the finest sail design teams ever assembled, Quantum racing sails are validated on the water at the top competitive levels to ensure sail shapes that are fast, efficient, and infinitely repeatable.


Robert G.

Lovin' the spinnaker
Reviewed by Robert G. in LONG BEACH, CA on 05/20/2015

I had been avoiding getting a spinnaker because I had turned into a sedate cruiser; didn't want the complications, and who needed the expense. Bob and Quantum Sails So Cal messed that up. We were like excited kids, gybing like mad just to see the knot meter jump up! This was way beyond expectations. Thanks

Newport N.

Best Sail Makers--Long Beach
Reviewed by Newport N. in Newport Beach, CA on 04/30/2014

I guess I'm the typical sailor. I've always wanted good sails but hesitated to buy new, and from a real brand. Quantum's always intrigued me as the best sailors I know seem to have at least one and swear by them. I met Sam, of Quantum So Cal, in Long Beach and I took the plunge. This was partly because I wanted Quantum but mostly because Sam is a great representative of the brand and an easy going guy. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge, but he's not intimidating like so many other sail maker "experts." I'm not looking to win regattas, I just want to sail better and faster. He took it from there and I couldn't be happier with the product or the service.

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