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Sevenstar Yacht Transport bv

Radarweg 36

Amsterdam, 1042 AA Netherlands

+31 (0) 20448-8590

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World's Leading Provider Of Yacht Shipping Services

About Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Sevenstar will arrange transport of your yacht anywhere in the world onboard a secure carrier. Our group has direct access to around 100 independent carriers, offering you a virtually unlimited choice of transportation options. Headquartered in Holland, at the heart of the global yacht building industry, Sevenstar staff understand the unique requirements of yacht owners. We offer you yacht transport services throughout the year to & from popular port cities in Europe, USA & the Caribbean. In addition, we can arrange special transport to any worldwide destination of your choice.


Sevenstar Yacht Transport specializes in overseas yacht transporting. We transport worldwide. Please visit for more detailed information.


Thanks to our excellent reputation with insurers, our rates usually include transport insurance. During loading & discharging, a Sevenstar Loadmaster will ensure your yacht is handled with great care & the highest possible standards. From our office in Holland & agents in all major yachting areas, Sevenstar can make many other arrangements for you in addition to transportation. Examples range from booking a marina berth to bringing you into contact with a 1st class skipper or crew.


Joan B.

Transport Pros
Reviewed by Joan B. in San Diego, CA on 04/22/2013

These guys do an exceptional job of transporting yachts. I know my boat will arrive in perfect condition and be right on time.


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