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Extreme Cutting & No Rust • Fine Hand Craftsmanship
Boye Boat Knives

PO Box 1238

Dolan Springs, AZ 86441-1238


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Year Established 1971

Boating and Rigging Knives

Boye Boat Knives

Boye Knives specializes in high performance cobalt alloy rigging knives for the sailing, yachting, and cruising markets. Boye blades hold an edge through hundreds of cuts of line, sharpen fast, are permanently rustproof, and won't affect a compass or other sensitive electronics. Our unique manufacturing process produces blades with a "micro-serrated" edge.

Hand ground and finely crafted in the USA, these boat knives will quickly become indispensable and continue to serve day in and day out, on land or on the water.

Knives for sailors and boaters

The Boye Cobalt Basic 3 is a powerful working knife for the ocean environment, designed for maximum versatility, strength, and compactness. Your Basic 3 knife comes with a Kydex lined nylon sheath.

The Sheepsfoot Blade has a traditional shape for safety: perfect for white-knuckle situations when you're being slammed around on a boat and you need to part a line without injuring yourself or others.

The Pointed-Tip Blade, available with or without serrations at the base of the blade, is an all-around utility shape for everyday tasks, both on land and at sea.

About Us

David Boye began his knifemaking career in 1971 when his personal values drove him to seek alternatives to life in academic psychology. Entirely self-taught, in 1975 he authored his now-classic text, Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It. He is widely recognized as one of the leaders of modern custom knifemaking.

Through the years, David's inventiveness, design sense, and refined craftsmanship have produced exquisite, practical works of art. His breakthrough discovery of dendritic metallurgy revolutionized traditional blademaking and set new cutting records.

Over 40 years of experience and continuous innovation have resulted in Boye Cobalt Boat Knives, top performance safety tools uniquely suited to the ocean environment.


Rich D.

great boat knives
Reviewed by Rich D. in Newport Beach, CA on 11/05/2011

Boye knives are a must have for any boater, captain or crew. Their knives are made for the marine environment, they're safe, they're strong, and they're sharp. Sail Magazine says: "...I have never seen a blade-of any material-sever synthetic cordage like dendritic cobalt, nor have I ever seen a blade that simply wants to cut like this one..."


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