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Newport AutoSound

1743 Newport Blvd., Unit A

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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About Newport Auto Sound

Newport AutoSound, in Costa Mesa, California, has been servicing customers since 1998. We here at Newport Auto Sound believe that customer service is the backbone of business.

Marine & automotive audio equipment has gone through a lot of changes over the years. We've seen the first audio work dated back in the 60s, when the eight track tape and first stereo was introduced to the world; vintage and with amazing craftsmanship. We've kept up with every major car audio development since then, so that we can deliver what you expect. Our doors have been open for almost 30 years and we've seen simple, monaural audio/radios to complicated infotainment systems, and a number of technologies have come and gone over the intervening decades. We've been through the AM tuner, eight-track tapes, cassettes, and other technologies have faded into history. However, these technologies were once considered state of the art. Onward and forward, we were introduced with bluetooth in the 2000's, gaining the ability to interface with phones and other devices. This technology gave us the ability for hands-free calling and from there on, we got GPS/Navigation systems, cloud-based music players and internet radio. Our team here at Newport AutoSound will bring you old and new audio services, including drivers safety so that you can enjoy state of the art entertainment in your vehicle.


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