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Protect Your Valuables With The Ultimate Dockside Storage
RAD Distribution

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Toughest Box On The Dock!

Unsurpassed Strength & Durability • Weatherproof

Comes in Three Different Styles To Suit Your Needs:
• MP-DBLE |Large with Electrical Recess (electrical box not included) | 41"W x 28"H x 24"D | $549
• MP-DBL | Large Triangle | 41"H x 28"H x 24"D | $549
• MP-DBR | Rectangle | 40"W x 22"H x 22"D | $549

Trailer Mounting Kit Available

Our Material

Our dock boxes give the marine industry a new weapon in the continuing battle over the elements. Our new series 1 and 2 docks boxes are made of Military Grade Cross-Link Polyethylene. Cross-Link Polyethylene developed for the U.S. Air Force for airborne delivery of high-value components is the strongest plastic available for harsh environments and high impacts. Compare the features and your choice has never been easier.

Benefits of Military Grade Polyethylene:

Military Grade Hi-Impact Cross-Link Polyethylene is nearly unbreakable. Designed for military parachute drops, it's unique cross-linking structure make this box impact resistant. Whether you hit it with a sledgehammer or a boat, it has the ability to flex and snap to its original shape.
Warranty 10 years.

Heat Treated Hinge
Heat treated hinges allow for years of constant abuse. If it's high winds that snap open the lid or just packing the box too tight, you can rest assured that this component won't fail.
Warranty lifetime hinge.

Elevated Bottom with Optional Drain Holes
Keeps your valuables off the bottom of the box. Mold and mildew seek moist areas. Our elevated bottom lets the moisture drain through the multiple drain holes at the bottom of the box.

Now Available With Electrical Power Box Recess

Standard Features
• Photocell controlled 7 & 9-watt fluorescent light
• Copper bus bar with a maximum rating of 140 amps

Available Options
• Available with single, dual or combination of 30A or 50A receptacles
• 20A/125V GFI receptacle (max of 2 GFI receptacle per pedestal)
• Single or dual phone, cable IV, high-speed internet connections
• Electronic metering (1 or 2 elements meters available)
• LED lighting

Over 100 Solid & Granite Colors Available... Green Granite, Milstone, Sandstone, White Granite, Blue Granite, Gray Granite, Black Granite, Oatmeal, and more!


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