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Climbing on a boat deck to deploy fenders is the #1 boating annoyance and a significant risk.

The Automatic Fender™ deploys the fenders fully automatically using a sophisticated algorithm based on the boat's speed, distance and direction relative to the shore. The fenders will get automatically lifted when cruising away from the shore. Docking locations may also be programed in advance.

? Fender height from the water is pre-set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering (boat to boat) tying.

? The Automatic Fender™ can remember your docking locations and decision including fender height from the water per each location.

The Automatic Fender™ rotates inwards after deploying the fenders to allow docking between piles and tethering/rafting.

? Installing an Automatic Fender™ takes about 15 minutes and only requires tightening six screws (no drilling). No electrical connection to the boat is needed, the Automatic Fender™ comes with maintenance fee rechargeable battery that stays charged using a built in solar cell and communicates using Bluetooth.

? You can always control the Automatic Fender™ manually from any location on the boat. ?

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