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Anderson Hull Cleaning

PO Box 7052

Huntington Beach, CA 92615


Underwater Boat Cleaning Specialists

Anderson Hull Cleaning is conveniently located to service Newport Beach, CA and Huntington Beach CA.  We are a full service underwater boat maintenance service provider and come highly recommended by the top boat yards in Newport Harbor and Huntington Beach Harbor. We are licensed, insured, and experts in our field. We welcome your inquires and look forward to keeping your boat's hull clean, fast, and in tip top shape.

Scheduled Boat & Hull Maintenance

The best way to preserve and insure your boat or yacht's performance and longevity is to consistently maintain the hull, shaft, fittings and prop. A clean hull is a fast hull, extending performance and fuel economy, while avoiding serious damage such as blisters and corrosion. We offer regularly scheduled boat and hull maintenance, bi-weekly or monthly, or the schedule that's best for you. We focus our client base in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach to maintain an "always available," prompt and efficient service schedule. We stand by our work and come highly recommended.

Divers & Hull Maintenance

Our Hull Cleaning & Underwater Services include, but are not limited to: Low abrasion hull cleaning to preserve anti-foulant longevity, following "best management practices" (BMP), to thoroughly clean while preserving the marine environment. Zinc service, inspection and replacement. Through-hull maintenance, inspection and service. Prop maintenance, inspection and replacement. Hull cleaning and washdown. Underwater search and recovery


Ed H.

Not a happy customer with a dishonest business!
Reviewed by Ed H. in Newport Beach, Ca on 02/27/2018

I only chose 1 star because I cant leave it blank. BEWARE of this company!! They are DISHONEST!!. After many months of using them to clean my hull, I discovered they were putting new zincs on where they were already sufficient. I change these myself because I can purchase them at less than a quarter of the price Anderson’s charged me. I dive and they are easy to change. They were so lazy that they didn’t even bother to take my old, (new), ones off! Never discussed this with me beforehand either and just sent me a big fat bill. If this is what they do to 15 customers every month I would say that’s a tidy little profit. Won’t help them when they lose multiple customers, however. I think they just try it here and there to see who they can get away with it with. Good luck to them because bad word travels much faster than good.

Rich D.

Newport and Huntington's local Hull Cleaners
Reviewed by Rich D. in Newport Beach, CA on 02/29/2012

Anderson Hull Cleaning Services is the "go to" outfit for boat hull cleaning and diving. They're the top local choice for anything related to underwater boat maintenance in Newport and Huntington. They're great in their field and price competitive.

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