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Sally's Seasigns

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Marina del Rey, CA 90292


Custom Yacht Lettering & More

Boat & Yacht Lettering Specialists

An expert in her field, Sally specializes in vinyl boat lettering & graphics, vinyl gold leaf boat lettering, as well as hand painted lettering and design.  Discerning boaters throughout Southern California continue to count on Sally's Seasigns for all aspects of boat lettering.

Sally's Seasigns will fit your budget and clearly explain the pros & cons of each lettering option.  Experience counts when it comes to removing & applying boat lettering and graphics.  Documented Vessels have letter size and placement requirements.  They not only have to be clear, but also identifiable within a certain distance in the event they are distressed.  Having up to date emergency equipment that is well labeled to the vessel it belongs to is essential, along with the correct and legible CF #'s on dinghies or T/T's.  Sally will measure, make and install all lettering and graphics with knowledge and experience in applications on boat hull surfaces such as: varnished wood, gelcoat, painted transoms, dinghies, life rings, PVC & hypalon.

Gold Leaf Boat Lettering

Sally's Seasigns specializes in gold leaf and hand gilded gold leaf boat lettering, graphics and design:

  • Hand Painted Gold Leaf Lettering in 21 karat to 23 3/4 karat
  • Traditional Hand Gilding in Gold Leaf, 21 karat to 23 3/4 karat
  • Custom Styles for boat lettering, CF numbers, Hailing Port 

Premium Vinyl Boat Lettering & Graphics

There is a big difference between Premium vinyl materials vs. Intermediate vinyl which is popular among online & non-marine lettering outfits.  Lesser quality vinyl can harm your boat's gelcoat surface and cause undue cracks.  Sally's Seasigns offers a vast array of designs & fonts using Premium vinyl for a long lasting, safe, and stunning appearance.

  • Real Gold Leaf Vinyl in 22 & 23 karat
  • Real Silver Leaf Vinyl
  • Custom Styles for boat lettering, CF numbers, Hailing Port 
  • Full Service Graphics, personal measurement & application


Monty R.

Best In Boat Lettering
Reviewed by Monty R. in MARINA DEL REY, CA on 08/28/2014

I couldn't be happier with the lettering Sally did for my boat. She is truly an artist and boating enthusiast. I went the vinyl route but I have seen some of her hand painted designs and they are gorgeous. She's a joy to work with and a fellow boater which is important as she knows the realities of the harsh marine environment and has the product line to allow for a long lasting finished product.


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