Charter a classic yacht... sail or power!
Classic Yacht Excursions

3335 West Coast Highway

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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Tom Zetlmaier - Captain
Tom Workman - Captain

Yacht Rentals in Newport Beach

Newport Beach Yacht Rentals

At Classic Yacht Excursions, we provide the unique combination of a classic yacht with all its history, beauty and first-class service. Whether you choose to go for an open ocean sail, a stand up paddleboard session in the kelp beds or secluded cove, or just a cruise through beautiful Newport Harbor, Classic Yacht Excursions will ensure your day is memorable, as it will be tailored to exactly what you want.

From a choice of classic yachts charters, to the destinations, catered food and activities, we let our clients make the decisions. That’s the advantage of coming aboard with us. Our yacht rentals have the flexibility to create the trip you want and make an itinerary to suit your interests.

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