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World's Most Compact, Light Weight, Affordable Life Rafts!
Survival Products, Inc.

1655 NW 136th Avenue, Bldg M

Sunrise, FL 33323


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Div. of AVI Aviation Group

About Survival Products & AVI Aviation

Survival Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer for the world’s most compact, lightweight, and affordable Life Rafts for General and Corporate Aviation as well as for Commercial Aircraft and Rotary Wing Operators. Established in 1970, Survival Products, Inc. manufactures survival emergency equipment including a complete line of life rafts. Survival Products Inc. manufactures FAA Approved Type I C70a & Type II C70a life rafts with experienced and certified service/repair stations world-wide. Survival Products, Inc. is an ideal addition and complement to the AVI portfolio.

Our Products & Services Include...

Inflatable life rafts, survival equipment, safety equipment, survival kits, emergency equipment, life vests, emergency transmitters, jungle kits, parts, repairs, inspections.


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