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Flint Power Systems

1204 Blaylock Street

Albany, GA 31705


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About Flint Power Systems

In 1932, John Deere opened a sales & service location in Albany, Georgia to serve southwest Georgia's large farm population - small beginnings for a company that would one day grow into the multi-faceted FlintCo of today. Please visit our web site for more in-depth history & product information.

Authorized Distributor for


Headquartered in Albany, Georgia, Flint Power Systems is the authorized distributor of John Deere engines for the Southeast - including North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, the eastern two-thirds of Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and the Caribbean.


When it comes to engine power, Flint Power Systems delivers. We are the industry leader in our market area & horsepower range - offering custom power packages for industrial, agricultural & marine applications.


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