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International Leader & innovator of Outdoor Products
The Coleman Company

3900 North Hydraulic

Wichita, KS 67219


316-832-2694 - Rich

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Year Established 1900

The Outdoor Company

Business Details

W.C. Coleman could see the light for the darkness. The young salesman was taking a stroll after a hard day's work selling typewriters, & spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window in Brockton, Alabama. This new light burned with a strong, steady white flame & was fueled by gasoline. The standard lamp of the era burned kerosene & produced a smoky, flickering, yellowish light. W.C. was stricken with very poor eyesight, & was very interested in this new, steady white light that enabled him to read even the smallest print in books & on medicine bottles. Coleman saw potential in the new light, & through his vision a new company was born that would put America's farms & ranches in a new light, & would eventually make his name synonymous with outdoor fun.


The Coleman Company specializes in numerous outdoor & marine products.
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