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Boat Wrap, Shrink Film, Weatherizing, Storage, Transportation Supplies
Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply, Inc.

PO Box 1377

Jacksonville, OR 97530


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Step-By-Step: How To Shrink Wrap A Boat
Boat Wrap Kits - 7 Mil
Boat Dry Desiccant Bags
998 ShrinkFast Heat Gun Kit

Products To Weatherize, Preserve, Store, & Transport

The Leaders in Shrink Wrap Protection

Pro-Tect Plastic & Supply, Inc. is a full-line supplier providing Shrink Wrap for all boat and yacht, equipment and packaging: projects, transportation, weatherization, storage and containment needs. Being a woman owned small business with 20+ years of experience in Shrink Wrap sales and product installations, enables us to effectivly service a worldwide market while meeting our customer's ongoing and changing needs.

Boat Wrap & Supplies

Our 7 mil Boat/ Packaging Heat Shrink Film is specially formulated with a 1 year UVI & EVA Protection. We carry various roll sizes and mil thickness to meet your individual project needs. We also provide a variety of supplies to complete the Heat Shrinking Process: Shrink Wrap Tape, Preservation Tape, Spray Adhesive, Strapping, Vents, Access Zipper Doors, ZeRust Capsules, Boat Dry Desiccant Bags, Shrinkfast Heat Gun Kits and Heat Gun Rentals. See our website for a full look at our product line today!

Step-By-Step How To & Technical Service Available

We have created a Step-By-Step How To Wrap A Boat video. This video contains a printable manual for your convenience. You can call us anytime for assistance with the Shrink Wrapping Process. Our representatives have extensive hands on experience in the field and have completed the process on a wide variety of projects using different methods. We are dedicated to providing insight to the most cost effective and time-efficient system to meet your individual needs.


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