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Merco Marine

60 Merco Road

Wellsburg, WV 26070


304-737-3006 - Local

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Year Established 1979

Boat Docks

About Merco Marine

Merco Marine manufactures, distributes and supplies ready to install floating boat docks or individual components and accessories for DIY boat dock building from its plant in Wellsburg, West Virginia. At Merco Marine we only carry top performing name brand products. US Based Manufacturer.


Merco Marine was established in 1979. That means we have 30 experience in the marine industry. We manufacture our galvanized components right here in-house with US steel and US employees. You won't find a better place to shop for your boat dock hardware, components, accessories.
Merco sponsors a 5-liter hydroplane called “Miss Merco Marine”. The owner/driver/builder/designer John Jenkins lives in Kingston, Ohio. John rebuilds vintage race boats full time. Jon and Jeanette Meriwether, the vice president and secretary of Merco Marine, crew for John during the summers on weekends. miss_merco
The boat is a 5-Liter inboard hydroplane. Its total length/width is 18' 6" x 9' 8", it weighs about 1,250 lbs., the engine is a Chevy 305 cubic inch, 250 Hp, and the top speed is anywhere from 120-125 mph. But it’s not just for looks either. Some of the racing accomplishments include the following: 1992 Western Divisional Champion, 1995 Eastern Divisional Champion, 1995 North American Champion, 3-Time MACH Series Champion, Inaugural Winner Hoosier Boy Cup. 


Merco has received awards for employment from the West Virginia Department of Employment. The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services has named Merco outstanding employer of the year.  (Merco has its fasteners bagged by the Sheltered Workshop in Wellsburg, WV.)  Merco also receives many thank you letters each year from customers that mean a great deal to us.
Unlike many of our competitors, we are the manufacturer. Our manufacturing plant and production methods are constantly being updated. We have many automated machines now in use in our production plant for efficient cost and effective production. We have a High Definition computer controlled plasma table which we use to make tabs, deck plates, and special or demo parts. We make over 35,000 ½” tabs that you see on single “T” male and female parts as well as outside corner males and females every year.


Newport N.

Great Boat Dock Accessory Option
Reviewed by Newport N. in Newport Beach, CA on 05/06/2015

Whether you're a marina, dock builder, marine contractor, or DIY waterfront home owner, get to know Merco Marine. They've got every piece of dock hardware & accessory imaginable to build or fix your docks. Their website is easy to navigate, shipping's a breeze and they're happy to give advice.

Joan B.

Hi Quality Dock Equipment
Reviewed by Joan B. in San Diego, CA on 05/06/2015

We chose Merco for our marina because their dock equipment & hardware is the best. These guys are amazing dock builders and we were entirely pleased with the results of this project. Thank you Merco Marine.

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