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Aaron's Five-Star Detailing
Best detail I've ever had
These guys gave me the best detail ever. I has some stains on my gel coat & they somehow got rid of them. The interior & the carpets were left spotless. These guys come highly reccommended! by JoanBu1
Puget Marina
Top Notch Sales & Service
I needed to get an outboard motor and I,m very glad i found Puget Marina, after shopping around I found the best deal on my New Suzuki Outboard at Puget Marina, and am very satisfied, If you need anything for your boat or are in the market for a new boat i recommend Puget Marina, by JimGat
J.A.M. Marine Service
wow, not good
I gave him a deposit and now he will not answer the phone. No work done at all. by ronald in HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA
Gambol Industries, Inc.
Do not take your boat here!
A friend suggested I take my 1991 48 foot power boat to Gambol Industries. I wanted to have the bottom painted, a rudder removed and the journal repacked, add a thru-hull, change the actuators for the trim tabs, remove the propellers and take them to Wilmington Propeller and repair a small amount of damage to my swim-step. The original estimate for the bottom paint seemed very reasonable. It was once in the yard, the games began. While watching the yardmen work on the rudder journal I told them “It needs to be un-screwed from the top” The guys clearly had no idea what they were doing. The job took twice as long as it should have and some damage was done to my metal work. I asked several times to look at the parts they removed and for some reason they were never available when I was there. The price for this service seemed high at $2200.00 When I received the estimate for the thru-hull it was $900. I asked “why so much?” They took me into the back room to talk to the big boss. John, the general manager, explained to me the bottom of your boat is a “core-hull” and we will need to grind out a large area and lay in fiberglass so the thru-hull would have something solid to mount to. My boat is very solid and I told them I didn’t think that would be necessary. John told me the only way he would do the work is if they at least drilled an oversized hole and cemented in a fiberglass tube, grind it off and then place the thru-hull and they could do that for the amount I had purposed $500. However when I received the final bill, they did not place the tube in. “I asked why”. They said “it was not necessary because your boat is actually solid on the bottom”. The charge was still $500 and it could not have taken a guy more then 20 minutes to complete the job. The estimate for the actuators was not received until I was in the yard and the price was $950. I explained to the guys the cost should be no more then $500 because the parts were already disconnected from the hoses and hardware and I only wanted them to change out the actuators. Gambol agreed to allow me to fill and tested the system because it was on the inside of the boat. I don’t know if you work on your own boat or not but I arrived at the yard at 8:10 that morning and was testing the trim-tabs at a quarter to 9:00 and saved $450. The total price for a job like this should have been no more then $500 for the entire job. The yard rate is $100 per hour and the whole job including wire wheeling the brass parts could not take a guy more then 3 to 4 hours to complete. I asked the yard to remove my propellers so “I” may take them to Wilmington propeller for a tuning; the estimate to remove the propellers was $650 to $900. When I asked why so much? The lead yardman, Jeff tried to explain to me the expense had to do with “inspecting the key-ways”. I was unable to contain myself at this point and burst out laughing. In my mind I could not figure out if they were trying to rip-me-off or if they just didn’t want to do the work. When I left, there were only three boats left in the yard. Oh by the way, my bottom cleaner Vaught’s Yacht Service took the props off and put them back on for $200. And yes he inspected the key-ways, what a joke. After the first few years with a boat like mine, where you can not see the swim-step from either station; you better be ready for a little fiberglass repair. The estimate from the yard was $2800 to $4000. My first thought was, “damn if I knew it was going cost so much, I would have been more careful backing in”. I suggested no more then $1500. For that price I was told they would repair it but it would not have a finished look and I would need to have someone else complete the gel-coat. My topside guy introduced me to a licensed friend in the Marina who does fiberglass work and including every little nick, ding, and old snap screw hole was repaired for $800. I mean it looks like new?. So after two weeks Gambol finally finished my boat. That Thursday when I worked on the trim tabs Jeff told me to come back the next morning to launch my boat. I had something I needed to drop off in LA that Friday and decided to do it early that morning. Just as I retuned home at 8:00AM the phone rings. Jeff explained to me the bottom paint, they applied on Tuesday, was not dry enough to put back in the water. I called my buddy who was half way to my house at that point and told him it was off. Monday morning the same run around. The phone rings at five after eight, Jeff now explains he didn’t check the tide and he can not launch the boat until 11:00 AM. The boat was not launched until 12:30. Monday when Jeff called he told me. “The guys were working on your boat on Saturday and it’s already to go, come on down”. I arrived at the yard and noticed nothing had been done to the boat since the prior Thursday when I worked on the trim-tabs. In fact I had to complain because the barnacles had never been cleaned out of my thru-hulls. “The guys were working on your boat on Saturday”? Either this guy confused my boat with one of the other three boats in the yard or he was flat out lying to me! Once in the water I noticed the boat was filthy and asked why they didn’t wash the boat like he said they would? Jeff told me they didn’t have a chance but if I wanted to wait until the guys got off lunch break, in an hour, they would wash my boat. When they hauled my boat out their hoist rubbed off part of my boot strip. When I first told Jeff about it he denied it was Gambol. After I showed him the photos I took while the boat was hanging from their hoist he accepted responsibility for the damage. How did they remedy this problem? On Monday when I went to pick up the boat John handed me a can of paint and told me to fix it in the slip my self. But Oh, we don’t have the correct catalysis for that paint and you will have to come back tomorrow for the other can. I have a couple of rubber flaps that cover the exhaust pips I wanted to replace. They are held on with four screws to a permanently mounted bracket on each exhaust pipe. The flaps could be replaced in the slip but of course would be easier in the yard. They are not under the water. On Thursday after I tested the trim-tabs, I changed out the two flaps. It literally took about 20 minutes. When I received my bill there was a charge of $90 for the flaps and a message “This is not a self serve yard” My father introduced me to boating at an early age and I restored my first 30 foot power boat 30 years and 3 boats ago. My current boat was in Mexico for 18 months and hauled out three times. The Gambol experience with out a doubt was the worst experience I have ever encountered in a ship yard. Do not take your boat here! Shamrock, Los Alamitos by John in LONG BEACH, CA
Seabreeze Canvas & Upholstery
Stay Clear
This guy is the worst. He works from his garage at home. He sales you a dream and his work is absolutely unacceptable. If you value quality work you will look elsewhere. by VICTOR in CARSON, CA
Team Flawless Detailing
On point detailing service!
I had my RV detailed by these guys and they did an great job. They got every nook and cranny. If you looked at the before and after pictures, you would be amazed too! I would recommend them to anyone in the Point Loma area. by Raphael in LAGUNA BEACH, CA
Team Flawless Detailing
Most thorough Detail in San Diego!
These guys are such pros! They did a detail including buffing all of the oxidation off of my boat and it looks brand new. I was so impressed that I had them do an old truck of mine and they were able to remove all of the scratches in the paint. Best work I have seen! by JoanBu1
Wing's Diving Services
Dishonest, unscrupulous thieves desperate for accounts
their method of gaining clients is to offer to video the bottom of your boat, which they have already dove under and taken off your zincs. They are so dishonest I can't believe they are still in business. They wouldn't need all these new accounts if they did the right thing by boat owners, thus keeping their old accounts. Run from this business as fast as you can by Bill in SAN DIEGO, CA
Shelter Island Boat Yard
Really liked this yard. Its unique
I liked how the tradesmen were all independant business owners. I sometimes like to bring my own guys in to work on boat and as long as they have insurance they let me use them. I especially like Jan in the office. by Frank in SAN DIEGO, CA
San Diego Boat & Electric
spent a ton of time helping me
I called all over. Most calls were dead ends. I wish they made more guys like this one. I've asked hundreds of people for a year now about my problem and everyone said thousands it would cost. In two minutes this guy nailed it. It was like he had already been on my boat. I liked it when he said when your good boats only differ by 2%. I like the way this guy thinks and tells you the truth up front.. It might hurt a little but better than getting sucked in somewhere and low balled. by Frank in SAN DIEGO, CA

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