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San Diego Boat & Electric Frank R., SAN DIEGO, CA


spent a ton of time helping me

I called all over. Most calls were dead ends. I wish they made more guys like this one. I've asked hundreds of people for a year now about my problem and everyone said thousands it would cost. In two minutes this guy nailed it. It was like he had alr

Shelter Island Boat Yard Frank R., SAN DIEGO, CA


Really liked this yard. Its unique

I liked how the tradesmen were all independant business owners. I sometimes like to bring my own guys in to work on boat and as long as they have insurance they let me use them. I especially like Jan in the office.

Boat Yard San Diego Frank R., SAN DIEGO, CA


Paint and Engines

Good work Greg and Crew. It took forever but my 1200 hp engines your rebuilt are running perfect and new paint is flawless. Your quotes and work beat your competion. Thanks Greg

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