About boatersbook.com

boatersbook.com is the recreational boating directory for the U.S. Marine industry. Our origin dates back to 1987 when the Nynex Boaters Directory was launched. We publish the names and contact information of every known business that caters to boat owners and the marine trade. Our data is published in hard copy in various coastal regions on the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts.

Online, our data contains marine business information in every state along with profiles to further explain each business' products and services, along with website links, images, and customer reviews. Nationally, boatersbook.com contains over 30,000 records of individual marine businesses, broken down into over 400 business categories.

The boatersbook mobile app, available free for download for Apple and Android mobile devices, mirrors the collection of data on the boatersbook.com website. This collection of marine businesses can be sorted by reviews, proximity, business category, and keyword search.

Since the late 1980's, boaters have relied on our data as the largest single source reference guide for boating products and service centers in the United States. Our database is updated daily by our staff, the trade, and fellow boat owners.

boatersbook is funded by advertisers to whom we offer an extensive suite of services. Advertisements are designed to appeal to boaters who source or seek assistance with buying, maintaining, and repairing their boats and equipment. boatersbook advertisements contain advanced tracking features that allow our advertisers to track every call and profile page view to achieve their optimal return on investment. boatersbook maintains over 3,000 annual advertisers, from mobile repair shops to major marine manufacturers and boat builders.

We thank you for your support and your frequent visits to our print and digital publications, and we look forward to remaining your number one source of marine product and service information.

Contact us: info@boatersbook.com 800-769-2248

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