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Year Established 1998

About "The Air Line"

The Air Line hookah diving systems have a compressor at the surface that delivers air to divers below through long hoses and a demand regulator similar to the kind used in scuba. The divers are freed from wearing heavy, bulky tanks. It’s an easy, hassle-free way to dive that's always available whenever you want to dive. When you use an Air Line Direct Drive System, there is no need to get tanks filled, and no running out of filled tanks when you still want to do more diving. The low gear requirements make hookah diving an ideal way for beginners to learn to dive, or anyone who wants to wear less gear. The Air Line has floating models that divers can easily tow along with them while swimming about, as well as deck units that remain on the boat. A hookah unit can also be a great tool to have aboard when you need to go under the boat for the inevitable (e.g., unfoul a prop, inspect or clean the hull, etc.). The Air Line innovated and developed the first direct drive hookah systems. We use only the highest quality components, and customer service is our top priority.

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