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Made in the USA
Barr Marine by EDM

100 Douglas Way, Box 190

Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579


866-255-9265 - Toll Free

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Year Established 1933


Barr Marine by EDM, a pioneer in the marine engine component replacement field, was founded in 1933 by Horatio W. Barraclough, Sr. under the name Marine Salvage. Today, Barr Marine by EDM is the last and only U.S. Manufacturer of inboard parts in the World, and offers the largest selection of inboard parts available for immediate shipment. The foundation of this growth began in 1933 with Barr Marine’s customer-centered philosophy. Simply stated, we know the products, and since 1933 our staff has made it a point to answer questions promptly while providing diagrams and dimensions for added technical support.

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