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Berkeley Jet Drive

3645 North Laughlin Rd., Ste 102

Santa Rosa, CA 95403


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Year Established 1937

Affordable • Dependable

About Berkeley Jet Drive

Berkeley has been manufacturing pumps of many kinds since 1937. The Berkeley Jet Drive was introduced in 1960, and many thousands have been supplied to the boating public since then. Today Berkeley offers four 12J drives, each a little different but incorporating essentially the same basic features and using, where possible, many of the same parts for interchangeability. Improvements are made only after ample testing and extensive trials. During the first 20 years, many brands of jet drives have come and gone. Some have been available for a year or two...some longer...some shorter. Berkeley remains the favorite year after year, and probably have supplied well over 80% of the thousands of units in use today. During these decades, Berkeley has held every speed record set by jets. It was first to break the "100 MPH barrier". Its most recent top speed was clocked at 170.78 MPH. We cite this simply as an indication of the experience, durability and leadership behind the Berkeley Jet Drive nameplate.

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