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Blueyodel Boat Manufacturing Company

11314 W. Rezanof Dr.

Kodiak, AK 99615


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Custom Aluminum Boats

About Blueyodel Boat Mfg.

Because it is located on an island with its back against the mountains, the Port of Kodiak has a centuries long nautical tradition. By necessity, the working waterfront of Kodiak abounds with motivated individuals trying to optimize their ability to make a living from the sea through commercial fishing, sport charters and subsistence activities. It is our privilege to participate in this vibrant nautical tradition and it is from this robust tradition we derive our ideas and motivation.

Blueyodel Boat Mfg. Co., formerly known as Edgeweld Inc., specializes in the design and construction of custom aluminum boats. We also have years of experience refitting old aluminum boats for new service and effecting repairs to boats who have seen tough service.

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