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Specializing In Marine Heat Exchangers
Broward Radiator Service

1863 South State Road 7

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317


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Year Established 1983

Expert Service • Used & Rebuilt Parts

About Broward Radiator Service

Broward Radiator Service, in business since 1983, provides ultra-sonic cleaning and expert repairs on a wide variety of marine coolers from most manufacturers.

We have developed a close working relationship with the local marine service community to provide high quality repairs and services to fill the needs of our customers whether they wish to do as much or as little of the work as they wish.

What We Do

• Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
• TIG Welding
• Soft Soldering
• Silver Soldering
• New Gaskets
• New O-Rings
• Complete Services
• Elements Cleaned
• Repair & Resurface Aluminum Housing

The various coolers we service include:
• Engine Oil Coolers
• Bow Thrusters Oil Coolers
• Stabilizer Oil Coolers
• Hydratic Oil Coolers
• Fuel & Boost Coolers
• Aftercoolers
• Intercoolers
• Main Engine Heat Exchangers
• Gen. Set Heat Exchangers
• Diesel & Gas Motor Units
• Gear Oil Coolers


Typical services might include:

• Mark and disassemble unit, remove fittings and plugs as needed

• Ultrasonically clean heat exchanger element or tube bundle

• Clean, prep and resurface all related parts

• Inspect and repair damaged or eroded surfaces on both heat exchangers, housings and any related parts

• Reassemble unit with new gaskets and O-rings fabricated from best materials from our inventory of in stock sizes

• Test unit for leaks, hydro test

• Paint to OEM type color

• Or bring just the element and do the rest yourself to save money


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