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Cape Hatteras Marine, Inc.

849 West 18th St., Ste C

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Personalized Boating Products

About Us

Cape Hatteras Marine offers the newest most innovative boating products & accessories at the lowest prices found anywhere. From high tech gadgets to classic personalized items, we've got you & your boat covered. We specialize in problem solving by offering products that make boating easier & safer, giving you peace of mind on the water. Our high quality personalized & innovative products can be customized with the name of your boat, family, crew, or pet. We can even add your custom artwork or logo!

New Personalized Boating Apparel & Gear

We've recently launched our new personalized boating apparel and gear line! Our products include custom logo t-shirts, embroidered and personalized polo shirts, hats, jackets, zip ups, pullovers, windbreakers, vests, boat mats, and more. Get cozy with our new luxurious beach and bath towels along with the must have monogrammed fleece blankets. All our high quality and durable gear is a must have for your whole crew!

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