Chetco Digital Instruments

1340 Winchuck River Rd., Box 5359

Brookings, OR 97415


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High Quality Digital Marine Products

SeaGauge - SeaSmart - HelmSmart - SeaPC -SeaSwitch

Chetco Digital Instruments designs and manufactures marine instrumentation and monitoring products featuring direct sensor interfaces and cloud data storage/analysis.

The SeaSmart product line provides both wired and wireless network gateways between vessel data and remote internet access while SeaGauge products interface directly to on-board sensors and standard network protocols including Ethernet, NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183. Complete vessel monitoring solutions are available both on-board and across the internet.

All products support the new HelmSmart Cloud Data services for Live monitoring, Data storage, and instant Alerts via SMS, EMAIL, Social Networking sites. HelmSmart provides 24/7 access to vessel information anywhere with internet access with powerful graphics and analysis tools.

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