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About Ciros Yacht Detail

Ciros Yacht Detailing provides complete interior / exterior cleaning, wash down, & topside detailing services throughout Southern California. Our services include upholstery & carpet cleaning, woodwork polishing, head cleaning, galley cleaning, waxing, polishing, & teak cleaning.


Eddie V.

Stay Away! BS alert
Reviewed by Eddie V. in RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA on 08/03/2016

Stay away from these guys! Hired Ciros to stain my teak and detail my boat. Owner Nelvi Rozales came out and sold the job. Nelvi promises the world and "guarantees" your satisfaction. You will soon learn Nelvi is a talker and BS's his way entirely. The job was based on a firm quote, teak $1000, detail $4800. His crew came out to wash the boat prior to any work, they immediately started hi-pressure washing the boat without shutting the Windows. Made a mess of the interior. They then took the hi pressure hose to the helm station. Needles to say, this caused damage to the electronic switches. His crew is simply a team of base level labor. None had been with him more than a few weeks, and none had experience working on boats. After starting the teak , Nelvi claims he bid the job to low and will need an addition 30% to continue to completion. At this point the teak is sanded the boat is a complete mess. I agreed to continue. Ciros missed the deadline for the teak, and when complete, the stain washed off after first hose down. Not only was it a complete mess, and the job had to be redone by a professional, Ciros refused to take any corrective action. The crew did not use a vacuum while sanding the wood not only did this make a considerable mess inside and outside the boat (they left doors open while sanding) the neighboring boats demanded I pay for their washes. I fired Ciros prior to the detail project. I strongly suggest you stay clear of this crew

Sarah J.

Exceptional work!
Reviewed by Sarah J. in NEWPORT BEACH, CA on 03/24/2015

Ciros Yacht Detail has cleaned my boat many times before and I am always pleasantly surprised by their work ethic. My boat always looks great in their hands.

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