Coast Diving Service, Inc.

305 North Beacon St.

San Pedro, CA 90731


Excellence Under Water • Contractors Lic# 662857

Categories: Divers , Salvaging


Coast Diving Service provides a wide range of commercial diving services from ship inspection & hull cleaning to inland dam, power plant, & potable water diving. Our divers are handpicked for their expertise on every job, so each project is completed with unsurpassed quality & professionalism.
We demonstrate "Excellence Underwater" by exceeding customer expectations through integrity and responsible business practices.


Judy E.

Awesome company
Reviewed by Judy E. in San Pedro, Ca on 07/29/2020

Some companies are known and acknowledged for the big things they do, but the small acts of kindness Gifted to others really show the measure of a company! Today I was down at our slip In Cabrillo Way Marina and the wind took my brand new prescription glasses right off! Down they went...I can’t drive without them so I was really stuck!!! I called Coast Diving Services to ask if they would accept such a small job. They were so professional and kind. One of their guys was nearby and went down and found them for me. Wouldn’t even take money... I know I will be using them for our regular hull cleaning from now on! So many companies only care about you if you have a big job... it’s clear this company cares about ALL their customers, and values building relationships with them. Thanks again!!

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