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Custom Navigation Systems, Inc.

One Lagoon Rd.

Portsmouth, RI 02871


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Marine Electronic Specialists

About Custom Navigation Systems

We are committed to long term relationships, & it shows with our clientele. Each has their own special requirements & we work on a personal level to develop that information. We offer different services for different needs. We sell the equipment at favorable prices for those who just want to purchase the hardware. For those who want "to do it themselves" we sell the equipment, providing all the technical drawings for them to follow as they install the system, & then we do the final hook-ups & testing.

Custom Navigation Systems is located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and caters to the marine industry.

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Custom Navigation Systems specializes in Marine Electronics, Navigation Equipment & Systems, and other related boating products & Equipment.


The "full package" is for those who want us to do everything. The advantage to this is that we "know" the system inside and out at that point, and any changes, or upgrades later, can be handled in a more intuitive way.

No matter what your system, we have the experience to troubleshoot and solve problems, make recommendations, and follow through.

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