Eliminate Fuel & Oil Spills From Most Surfaces
Ecospersa Corp

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EcoSpersa Fuel & Oil Cleanup

About EcoSpersa

EcoSpersa... the world's only natural hydrocarbon degrader. It really, really works!

• EcoSpersa is a one-of-a-kind hydrocarbon degrader specifically designed to completely eliminate fuel & oil spills on land, water and most other reachable surfaces.
• It’s non-toxic, non-microbial, non-butyl, contains no nutrients or enzymes and it’s totally biodegradable… Saves up to 70% in job time, labor & material costs.
• Uses Include: Fuel Tank Cleaning, Soil Reclamation, Ocean Oil Spills, Ship Bilges, Refineries, Oil Rigs, Heavy Machinery, Refinery Waste Treatment, Universal Cleaner/Degreaser, Engine Cleaner, Driveway Cleaner, Hand Cleaner, Shop Uniforms.

For over 50 years the Malone family has produced a wide range of customized private label chemicals for our customers, meeting all of their needs. We’ve built up our reputation to become one of the best-known names in the industry. We work with the following Industries: Oil & Gas Remediation, Marine, Auto, Supermarket and Environmental. Past and current clients include Merck Pharmaceuticals, Kroger, A&P Food Stores, De-Oil-It, Malone 98 and many more.

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