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The True Innovators of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems.
FCI Watermakers

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World Leaders In Marine Watermaking Systems

FCI Watermakers Are The True Innovators of Marine Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Through state-of-the-art design, superior construction and a worldwide service network, FCI desalination systems offer unrivaled quality and reliability. FCI Watermakers can be found throughout the world on everything from small pleasure crafts and megayachts, to large commercial vessels, oil rigs and military ships. FCI’s patented watermaking technology can also be customized according to specified requirements and essential outcomes. FCI Watermaker’s exclusive technology and advanced manufacturing defines our reputation for being the industry’s true innovator of tomorrow’s marine desalination.

Intuitive engineering guarantees the longevity, durability and performance of every FCI Watermaker unit. Our system design optimizes the flow of water, while industrial-quality materials employed throughout the reverse osmosis unit ensure robust operations. Visit our website to review the features that make an FCI watermaker the world’s finest.


Hank B.

Best Marine Watermaker
Reviewed by Hank B. in Miami, FL on 03/25/2013

FCI Watermakers makes the claim, "FCI Watermakers is a manufacturer of the best line of reverse osmosis watermakers in all sizes to suit different vessels..." From personal experience, I'd have to agree. FCI recommends systems to produce 30 gallons of fresh water, per person, per day. I remain well within that range but if you need more, FCI watermaker systems can supply it. Good product!


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