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Fibertron, Inc.

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Coating & Spray-On Carpet System

About Fibertron

Fibertron is a seamless spray on carpet system that's easy to apply and perfect for marine use.

Welcome to Fibertron! Fibertron has been in business since 1988 and we are the only U.S. made flocking system. Our system is true and tested and is used all over the United States by many large and small companies along with many independent operators. Fibertron manufactures and sells the one and only Merlin Flocking System. We offer two different units, one for the professional and one for the home user. We stock all of the different fibers and epoxy’s and have same day shipping in most cases. Our flocking units are made in the U.S.A. right here in Largo, Florida. The system uses a high voltage electrical charge to make the fibers "shoot" out of the applicator like darts. They transfer so fast that you can’t even see them!!! Fibertron will last for many years, is water resistant so it won’t hold water like regular carpet. It’s fade resistant, wear resistant and will even hold up to diesel fuel and gasoline! To clean all you need to do is hose it off or power wash it, yes, power wash it if you need to.

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