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Innovating Safety Products For The Marine Industry
Fireboy-Xintex, Inc.

0-379 Lake Michigan Dr. NW, Box 152

Grand Rapids, MI 49534


866-350-9500 - Toll Free

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Year Established 1973

Fire Detection & Suppression

About Fireboy-Xintex, A Darley Company

Fireboy-Xintex provides a variety of reliable, trouble-free fire detection, fire suppression and gas detection products. We specialize in total flooding clean agent systems utilizing either 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid or Dupont™ FM200® fire extinguishant.

Fireboy®-Xintex® has expanded our clean agent fire suppression product line with the addition of our FES Engineered System, with coverage for large yachts, and commercial vessels. Our in-house engineering department will assist with system layout specifications. Systems are available in either FM200® or Novec 1230™.

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