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Fish Recon is a media company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gary Key and Jimmy Savoini have been close friends for over 15yrs. Combined they have decades of fishing experience. Their goal is to bring value to the fishing community by linking the resources you need to be successful, no matter where you are fishing or what you are fishing for.

The Fish Recon mission is to bring relevant value worldwide to the fishing community. All species, all techniques for all ages. Fish Recon will feature weekly podcasts with many special guests from all around the world to bring you secrets of the trade and insider information. The Fish Recon YouTube channel will feature "how to" videos, product reviews, insider tips, podcasts to stream, and on-location reconnaissance videos that will give basic information on how to catch fish at various bodies of water. We will also feature videos of just catching fish!

Our videos are for helping the broader fishing community (men, women, children, families, etc.) learn enough about a body of water or a technique or a product (before they make their trip) in order to be successful.

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