Foster's Yacht Services

2019 SW 20th Street, Suite #102

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


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Year Established 1986

the best in yacht servicing

Business Details

Foster's Yacht Service's, whose niche of clientele are among some of the most affluent businessmen, athletes, and entertainers throughout the world, and continues to reinvent itself. Realizing that luxury is a lifestyle that not only boasts comfort but also exclusivity, Foster's offers a full service program that not only upgrades your yacht, but also puts world class chefs, captains, and even a nightly turn down service with a sweet chocolate on your pillow before retiring to bed. There is not one element of lavishness that is beyond their reach.

Founded 26 years ago, CEO and owner Dennis Foster has completed his dream team of specialists. Equipped with the who's who in the yachting industry, Foster's Yacht Service's now has outfitted itself with the tools to make your dreams a reality. Whether your vision consists of a bit of flash, like flat screen televisions, Jacuzzis, and on board theatres, or a revamping of the entire ship's body, Foster's Yacht Service's delivers perfection with their all-star lineup. As an additional comfort, Foster's clients are now able to monitor the progress of their yacht each step along the way with the new interactive Foster's Yacht Service's website. Patrons are given access to the private sector with a login code and password.

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