High Gain Communication Antennas for Base Station, Mobile & Marine
GAM Electronics - div of Yankee Microwave, Inc.

290 Naples Rd., Box 305

Harrison, ME 04040


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Year Established 1958

About GAM Electronics

USA manufacturer of marine antennas, all individually hand tuned.
Stock items and custom orders welcome...

We offer high gain communication antennas for any base station, mobile or marine application. With a GAM Electronics antenna you will always get the best quality product without compromise and at a fair price. We hand build Marine Antennas both for production and custom applications, providing you with the perfect solution for your specific needs. Our expert team will custom design and wind an antenna that matches your desired frequency. We build high gain antennas that are durable enough to withstand marine weather and conditions. Our reputation is built on high quality construction, performance, durability and fair pricing. GAM also offers a lifetime limited warranty.

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