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Hayden Insurance Service, Inc.

151 Shipyard Way, Suite 1

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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Quality Marine Insurance Since 1989

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About Hayden Insurance Service

For over 22 years, Hayden Insurance has specialized in Boat & Marine Insurance.
Please contact our office for a competitive quote at 888-474-8138.


Worldwide Navigation, Classic / Wood Hulls, Charter Usage, Paid Crew Coverage, Race Vessels (Sail), High Performance, marina insurance, boat yard insurance, boat insurance, live aboard insurance, Boat Yard Insurance, Boat Builder Insurance, boat dealer insurance, cruising insurance, commercial marine insurance, passenger vessel insurance, mexican liability insurance & commercial auto.


Hayden Insurance prides themselves on finding you the best insurance available for your specific situation.

Excellent company to do your boat insurance with. Ray M., Newport Beach, CA.


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