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Patrick Goodrow has been a professional sailor for the past 30 years. He has had the opportunity to sail at the highest level of competition both nationally and internationally.
Marine Surveys by High Tech Marine Surveys, Patrick Goodrow, SAMSĀ® SA, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA. He is a "hands on" project manager to many successful racing programs. His experience has ranged from dinghies, one design, maxi boats and the America's Cup. Pat has been an innovator in "go fast" equipment, many of which are widely accepted today. He has always been involved in every aspect of "the program". The mast, sails, and hull construction were all under his careful eye. His experiences crewing for some of the best skippers in the world has elevated his attention to detail to the highest level.
He is happy to discuss your yacht's needs anytime. Whether it is a survey, upgrades consultation, or project management, please feel free to call, fax, or e-mail him.


Loren L.

No Followup
Reviewed by Loren L. in WALLINGFORD, CT on 08/08/2015

It's difficult to write a negative review about someone who is in a position to keep you from ever selling your boat, but Pat Goodrow was paid in full for a survey of my boat on the day he inspected it. I received a report that evening by e-mail, but he never followed up with a report on the thermal imaging of my carbon fiber mast. The reason I employed Pat, rather than a local surveyor, was for his thermal imaging skills and equipment. Two months and half a dozen requests later, I have not received a written report and I expect that I never will.

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