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Kenway Composites

681 Riverside Dr.

Augusta, ME 04330


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About Kenway Composites - Marine Infrastructure

Kenway’s products provide the basic framework for building fiberglass piers, ports, harbors, and marinas. We deliver complete system solutions that offer fast construction methods and long-lasting solutions. Composite dock and pier solutions are highly durable and have superior functionality in the marine environment.

Our composite piers and fiberglass docks also offer advantages over standard pier construction and materials. Our materials provide you with corrosion resistance to the saltwater with no harmful effects on the environment! Additionally, our products tend to outperform conventional construction materials by providing better durability, high strength, and long-term cost savings. Most importantly, the installation process of our composite dock and pier system is faster than traditional pier construction. How? The lightweight nature of composites aid in rapid construction through minimizing materials.

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